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The Underdogs 2017

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The Underdogs 2017. Bobi (Jeff Smith) is an obedient student who often reports naughty students. Dio (Brandon Salim) is a shy geek. Nanoy (Babe Cabita) repeatedly stayed in class. And Ellie (Sheryl Sheinafia) a too arty girl seem to be weird. They are four friends who share the same fate in a high school. They are excluded. Inspired by the success of SOL—Sandro (Ernest Prakasa), Oscar (Young Lex), Lola (Han Yoo Ra)—a trio of successful Youtubers who used to be nobody and are often the victims of bullying, the quartet is determined to change their fate by becoming famous through Youtube. But the struggle is not easy, and their friendship is broken.Nonton film Uncategorized subetitle Indo

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Bahasa: Bahasa indonesia

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